Wanting sex Kansas City

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Wanting sex Kansas City

Show 30 30 40 50 listings, ordered by city newest last edited title rating comments category ascending descending Sort. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Kansas City. I paid ten dollars for the movie, watched for an hour, then went to the arcade. I saw three Do they check ID?

Managers friendly? Cum pig here loves to collect lo! Whether these are active or dummies, I do not know. Wanting sex Kansas City main store has the I sat on the bench in Theatre 1 and soon my legs were lifted exposing my hole to black dick as balls slapped This scene is over, guys. Posted Feb 10 I work for the park department and there have never been any cameras installed, or loud speakers for that matter. Please enjoy the park. I don't think Not just because of our type of activity, but because they eat lunch and take breaks there.

The division HQ is only a mile away. Posted Nov 3 The local neighborhood association has people living across the street from the park and they often call the police. One police substation is one about half mile away and there is another about a mile Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Best times are mid to late afternoon. Show and play! I've had some action there a couple of times. It has an outside entrance.

Wanting sex Kansas City

No walk-ins allowed. Located on the northwest corner of Troost and 40th. The entrance is unmarked and on the ground level of the west side of the building. There's a doorbell inside the first door. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 5 Unfortunately, Hyde's closed at the beginning of the pandemic and has stated it will not re-open. I first went through the interview process and it was a little interesting, but not all that bad.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. I went in I've hooked up with quite a few hot guys over the last few weeks. Since Erotic City is shut down, this place is thriving. You do need to be screened by the owner before your first visit, but given the anal mentality of the local government I can unde Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 15 This is a place where truck drivers park, and most are looking for local men to be there looking.

The park is about a half mile further on the left. An undercover tried to solicit me today and is issuing citations.

Wanting sex Kansas City

Posted Nov 16 I had some really hot sex with a guy here. What a mouth on that man. There are lots of construction workers looking for head. There are great trails and a parking lot for cruising. Action is sometimes hit or miss. I have go Go south about half a mile to the park entrance on the right or continue on Red Bridge to another park entrance.

I'm usually here around am. Love to suck and up for more fun. Action is better now at the entrance off of Red Bridge and at St. Park by Given the other reviews, you'd best find a new spot, boys. Posted May 17 Cops were seen in the park with a video crew filming busts today. Posted Sep 26 Cops are staked out there.

There are cameras at the entrance tracking cars. It is available to rent for parties but no longer an open sex space. This place is a great little neighborhood bar with a new and improved pa Came in, mask on, sat in the back, and figured I'd end up getting myself off. Though, it wasn't long before couple mature bears came up and sat o Mostly an older crowd, but still plenty of suckable cocks.

Weekend afternoons, plan on going regularly. Posted Oct 5 I see this place hasn't been reviewed for awhile. I've visited it off and on for years and, like any other it's hit and miss. Sometimes the lunch crowd shows up, sometimes it doesn't. It was a quiet gathering of a few retirees and grew to a diverse crowd of 20 or so by pm.

Wanting sex Kansas City

The empty "strai Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 9 I sucked off a handsome dude in his thirties with a fat, curved eight-inch cock as he knelt under the stall in the second floor Wanting sex Kansas City. This very hot guy popped a sweet load, which I swallowed. Will gladly meet up here with some guys anytime. So if anyone wants to meet up for some understall anon fun, shoot me a message and we can set up a I met a very new hung professor there. The best time to go was during class.

I was all charged up for some college boy action, and there was only one other guy going back and forth between the restrooms and he was in his fifties. Maybe I It's mostly college age to thirties guys looking for a quick suck or jerk off under the stalls. Since there are no more cameras let's get that place hopping again! I would love to meet someone there during the afternoons. There are usually two or more studs in the sauna wanting to find some action. Decent privacy in the steamroom and whirlpool.

I've met the same guys several times. It's always exciting to see them working out knowing whats coming later when it's showe There are s cautioning of appropriate behavior

Wanting sex Kansas City

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