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Y ou know the summer TV season is in full swing when the new reality dating shows start to sound like fake NBC series from 30 Rock. But this July is a banner month even for hot trash summer. HBO Max counters, on the 29th, with FBoy Islanda resort-set dating competition that challenges three women to separate the nice guys from the c. Although the trailer for Beasts caused a brief eruption of incredulity on social media, there is nothing shocking about the existence of these two extremely silly shows.

Sexy lady at links

FBoy happens to be a funny, addictive, shrewdly executed twist on a familiar format. While the makeup is elaborate, the format is simple. A man or woman whose face is obscured by a custom animal, sci-fi or horror mask has three one-on-one chats with similarly disguised singles of the opposite sex.

Following an elimination that ends with a glimpse of what the person who got cut looks like without the zombie mask, the remaining contestants go on longer dates and a final selection is made. The freshly scrubbed couple shares a kiss for the cameras, though who knows if they ever so much as see each other again.

Eliminations take place, for unknown reasons, at a posh British country estate dubbed the Sexy Beast Manor. Ultimately, Beasts is just dull—the only real sin for a summer reality-TV confection. Like Love IslandTemptation Island and, sure, MILF Island before it, FBoy transports a couple dozen hot people to the kind of luxury-beach-resort backdrop where even non-exhibitionists might plausibly wear swimsuits all day.

At the center of the game are three gorgeous women, Sarah, Nakia and CJ, looking to get into serious relationships with men who really care about them. Of their 24 chiseled suitors, half are self-identified Nice Guys—guileless dudes who really have come to find love—and half are FBoys a cleaned-up version of the obvious profane slang term competing solely for a cash prize.

In the wrong hands, a premise like this could yield the same sexist schlock that is standard for this kind of dating show: look at these poor, stupid girls falling for all the old womanizer gambits. With a few fun exceptions, the show also conceals from both viewers and the other men whether each contestant is a Nice Guy or an FBoy. I binged through the six episodes sent for review, each one clocking in around 45 fleet minutes, and they deliver some pretty enjoyable twists. But, without giving too much away, some of the best surprises involve well-timed rule changes and other tweaks to the format, all gleefully rolled out by host and executive producer Nikki Glaser.

An advisor to the women and a gentle antagonist to the FBoys, Glaser, a comedian, brings just the right level of self-aware humor. FBoy Island is not trying to be anything more than a sudsy summer distraction. In contrast to Sexy Beastswhich never gets more entertaining than it is in the trailer, the show gets better—juicier, funnier, occasionally sexier, more original and compelling and clever—the more time you spend with it.

at letters time. By Judy Berman.

Sexy lady at links

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Sexy lady at links

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Sexy lady at links

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