Seeking realationship if chemesry is there

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Someone walks into a room, and you immediately react. Your palms sweat, your heartbeat quickens, you blush and maybe you stammer or tremble. But why? What is the chemistry of love, and why do we feel it with some people and not others? Although the word "chemistry," referring to a romantic and sexual spark, is not an official, scientific term, the phenomenon is indeed backed by science. When the subjects looked at photographs of their loved ones, the resulting MRI scans showed the areas of their brains associated with reward and motivation and rich in the chemical dopamine were activated.

So, Dr. Unfortunately, explains Justin Lehmiller, Ph. Although a mystery, Dr. Fisher has discovered a science-backed way to at least partially understand why we have chemistry with some people rather than others. From her studies of the brain, she has found four basic styles of thinking and behaving linked with four different brain systems: the dopamine, serotonin, estrogen and testosterone. Based on data from her study of 40, singles — research for her book, Why Him?

Why Her? The same is true for the serotonin-dominant, who tend to be cautious, traditional, rule-following and respectful of authority. Fisher says. Meanwhile, those who are high in testosterone tend to be analytical, logical, direct, decisive, tough-minded and skeptical — and more drawn to those who are dominant in the traits linked with estrogen, their opposites. Estrogen-dominant men and women tend to be imaginative, empathetic, trusting and emotionally expressive, as well as drawn to those high in testosterone, also their opposites. That said, Dr. Fisher points out that we all have traits in all four systems.

To see where you land, take Dr. Chemistry tends to be a launching pad for relationships, says Carrie ColeM. For relationships to progress beyond the initial intense attraction, trust and commitment must follow. Navarra explains. Relationships typically start with chemistry, but need more to work. Although chemistry can lead to successful relationships, it should be taken with a grain of salt, Dr.

Lehmiller notes. Lehmiller says.

Seeking realationship if chemesry is there

You can simultaneously be deeply attached to your partner, madly in love with someone else and sexually attracted to othersshe explains. Instead of panicking about a decline in chemistry, reinvest in your relationship by trying to rebuild that spark, Dr. To do so, focus on how you and your partner first met and what brought you together and try to relive those initial moments.

Navarra says. In fact, Dr. Lehmiller suggests spending some of this time asking each other deep questions, as with Dr. Getting to know each other better on a deep level can actually help build chemistry. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Seeking realationship if chemesry is there

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Seeking realationship if chemesry is there

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Seeking realationship if chemesry is there

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