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Poland women network

Filter these documents by topic. The introduction of provisions under which a pharmacist and a pharmaceutical technician may refuse to provide a pharmaceutical service if its performance is potentially endangering to the life or health of the patient or others, may lead to further restrictions on access to contraceptives for women.

Can an educational institution request candidates to deliver an opinion of their parish priest to enrol in studies? On 30 Aprilthe Polish Parliament passed legislation amending the Code of Civil Procedure and some other acts, providing for the possibility of the police issuing an order for the perpetrator of violence to leave the premises occupied together with the victim, without the need to initiate criminal proceedings. In Maya wave of teachers' strikes protesting against their low wages swept through Poland. In the ongoing public discussions on this subject, the discriminatory aspect of the strike was overlooked and the voice of female teachers was inaudible.

Balance between the prohibition of discrimination and freedom of thought, beliefs and views as well as economic freedom and freedom of transactions. The new law on higher education provides that Poland women network and male scientists are subjected to general provisions on the differentiation of retirement age, meaning that women shall retire at the age of 60, while men retire at the age of Is the obligation to disclose the cause of disability including mental when applying for the job justifiable?

Since the Government has promised to take radical steps in order to eliminate the gender pay gap. This has resulted in a tool to measure the gap which has been made publicly accessible to all employers.

Poland women network

Can law be interpreted in a way that in order to protect the rule of equal treatment and non-discrimination limits, stifles freedom of thought, beliefs and views, as well as the economic freedom and freedom of transactions. May personal beliefs contrary to the catholic doctrine constitute a genuine and determining occupational requirement resulting in breach of the contract for leading a concert of lay songs organized by a religious entity? Is ETA by limiting the scope of protection to only some discriminatory grounds in line with the Constitution that prohibits discrimination on any grounds or is that legislative omission unconstitutional?

The conviction was issued in a prescriptive judgment sentencing the lowest possible fine of PLN 20 approx. EUR 4.

Poland women network

The court did not take into the possibility of sex-related discrimination in access to services. The Law reinstating the prior retirement age scheme of 65 for men and 60 for women, adopted by the lower chamber of the Parliament. The new benefit for mothers of disabled children who reed of abortion, as an excuse for introduction later on of the further restriction of abortion law. European Equality Law Network European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. Gender equality law Anna Cybulko This address is being protected from spambots.

Legal developments Poland - New Law provides pharmacists the right to refuse to provide pharmaceutical services if its performance is potentially endangering the life or health of the patient or others KB. Publication date : 5 July Poland - Constitutional Tribunal bans the abortion for embryo pathological indications KB. Restriction of reproductive rights. Publication date : 14 December Poland - Opinion of parish priest in education selection KB. Publication date : 4 November Poland - New legal provisions aimed at enforcing civil law protection of victims of family violence 82 KB.

Publication date : 17 June Poland - Changes to the provisions related to the office of the government plenipotentiary for equal treatment 88 KB. Publication date : 27 May Publication date : 16 July Poland - The provision prohibiting discrimination in access to goods and services declared unconstitutional PDF kB. Publication date : 10 July Cuts in budget for the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Publication date : 6 March Publication date : 20 February Poland - Governmental draft Poland women network to the law of on family violence are not in compliance with the Istanbul Convention PDF 93 kB. Draft amendments to the law on family violence ofdo not comply to the Istanbul Convention. Publication date : 6 February Publication date : 8 November Publication date : 10 September Poland - Family plus program: discrimination of children of unmarried parents and families where both parents are working PDF kB.

Poland women network

Publication date : 23 August Publication date : 8 August Publication date : 24 July Topics Equal payGender equalityPolandSex. Poland - Denying a women the possibility to breast-feed in a restaurant constitutes discrimination final court decision PDF kB. Publication date : 10 August Topics Goods and servicesNon-discriminationPolandSexual orientation. Publication date : 9 August Topics All fieldsAll groundsNon-discriminationPoland. Publication date : 28 June Publication date : 18 January Country reports Poland - Country report gender equality 1,87 MB. How are EU rules transposed into national law?

State of affairs 1 January Publication date : 1 October Topics Gender equalityPoland. Poland - Country report gender equality 1,87 MB. Publication date : 16 November Poland - Country report non-discrimination 1,95 MB. Publication date : 30 October Topics Non-discriminationPoland. Publication date : 24 February Publication date : 13 January State of affairs 01 January Publication date : 14 January Publication date : 18 December Publication date : 7 November Publication date : 1 January Poland - Country report non-discrimination 1,34 MB.

Publication date : 1 December Poland - Country report non-discrimination 1,28 MB. Poland - Country report non-discrimination 1,43 MB. This address is being protected from spambots.

Poland women network

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