Marry dick sucking com

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Mar 7, by anonymous views 49 comments. I always considered myself to be straigh. I love my wife and totally enjoy having sex with her. Her libido is somewhat less than mine. She only wants sex a couple of times a week where as I like to cum every day, often more than once.

Marry dick sucking com

One day my friend phoned me, said he was going to have sex with a women he met on line and would i like to watch and wank off, as he'd like to be watched fucking her. A free live porn show - of course I wanted to watch! The thing is that hwhat he actually wanted was to get me into a 3 some. A bisexual 3 some. And I fell for it. As the lady I'll give her the benefit of the doubt was riding his cock, she called me over and told me she wanted to suck me.

I gladly thrust my cock into her mouth. Then she chaged positions so she and he were 69ing. Again she called me over, this time to kiss her between sucks. After several kisses, wth her sucking him in between We remained like this for a moment and I started to pull back. She grabbed my head with her free hand and pulled me back onto his cock, but this time it was straight on at me and I ended up sucking on the head.

There was already precum dribbling from his cock and frankly I liked the taste. We eneded up having a full on 3 some with both him and me fucking her and he and her sucking me and me and her sucking him. I told myself it was OK to do this as there was a girl involved so I wasn't turning gay or anything. BUT the next day I went back to his motel room and this time it was just the two of us. Me and my friend. I didn't say a word to him when he opened the door, just placed my hand on the front of his pants and pshed him back into the room.

His cock was hard already - he'd been looking at porn. In no time his cock was in my mouth and he mouth fucked me fast and hard and I let him cum in my mouth and I shocked both of us by swallowing the lot. I meet my friend when ever I can and repeat the mouth fucking. I now have fantasies about him taking me anally. BUT he has an 8 inch cock and its thick too. I'm thinking I need to practice with my wifes vibrator before I take on his mighty tool! It's ok dude, sucking cock, swalloing the load and taking it in the ass does not make you gay!

Marry dick sucking com

Keep at it! I am a married dude as well I still luv luv luv women but I really enjoy sucking a cock! It is just intoxicating! Have my wife orgasm on my face is great! But there is something amazing about a cock growing and swelling then exploding in my mouth! Your not str8 anymore dude. Your in denial that you like gay sex. Same here. I enjoy sex with my wife but since a gay colleague of hers started visiting I became interested and he secretly introduced me to cocksucking.

Marry dick sucking com

I have another married friend who is also into sucking and we often enjoy some mutual. I agree with that awesome erotica of having a cock swell and exploding in my mouth. Another married guy here who enjoys mutual oral with other guys. I am a married dude as well i have been sucking cocks since i was 13 i love to make a guy cum and swallow every drop.

I hope I can reach out to some one than I can give oral sex to for many many years to cum I do not care about your age or race long as you want a discreet cocksucker and want me to pleasure your cock Please leave a message on here and I will give you my so we can talk and meet for nice times I know there must be some guy from my area that is needing free on going oral sex and needs to enjoy it always swallowed Please if your out there I need you as much as you need me I will check back on her daily if you show up so we can have some great times and discreet meetings I will spoil your cock with passionate blow jobs as much Marry dick sucking com you need them Please let me know.

Only wish I was closer to you, it would have been the answer to my dream! Good luck friend. Is there anyone from the central kentucky that is looking to get the cock sucked and swallowed Please let me know I want to be a mans steady on going cocksucker I have a very loving mouth that can make a man very happy I am bi married safe and clean and you be too.

Nice, 8 inches of heaven! You are one lucky devil, wish I could jump on a fat 8 incher! Love sucking them all, size does not matter their all beautiful and delicious! The final reward is always the cream that a hot cock spurts into your mouth, never waste a drop and lick it all up! Ummm, ummm, sooo good! I'm an otherwise straight guy, divorced but in a relationship with a wonderful lady. I love to lick her pussy but I also love to suck another guy's cock when I get the chance. I'm not into kissing, cuddling or romantic types of things with a guy but it is the biggest turn-on for me to get on my knees and suck a hard cock till it creams off in my mouth.

Marry dick sucking com

I love the feel of another guys cock and anytime I get the opportunity I show a guy how much I enjoy licking I would never be in a relationship with a guy but I'm a pure slut and I act just like I wish my gf would when I suck a cock. Van identify with this strongly. I love to suck cock and taste precum and eat cum. My wife and I love threesomes with bot another guy or another woman. My wife and I have sucked cock and ate pussy together many times. All I can say pal is never stop. Hi I am a married guy as well have one kid enjoy it's great no desire to be with any other women however since I was about 15 years old i realized that I am attracted to certain cocks and guys and from I was 22 till about almost 41 I would suck every now and then mostly out of shape older guys.

And short Asian guys who are my favorite in last 5 years since married I have these urges bad from time to time I have not done anything behind her back yet because I have always been honest and like to share be open however I know and tested her that it will be a deal breaker what do I do I'm almost 46 look younger thin long Auburn hair good looking and have one of my former dirty old men just begging me to meet so he can abuse and cum in my mouth do I go for it?

What is the name of this site for cocks looking for cocksuckers? I would love to offer up my services. Hi married bi here, like you I'm not into kissing, cuddling or romantic types of things with a man it turns me off just thinking about it actually, the biggest turn on for me also is being on my knees feeling another guys cock hardening in my hands and mouth, I love to suck off other married men.

I would love to be a slut and see how many cocks I could suck and swallow in one day. So, you really love your wife huh? Does she know your cheating and sucking cock too? I'm a divorced guy who only learned post divorce how great sex with guys was. I had a girlfriend for a while, but we broke up because, although I cared for her and enjoyed the sex I prefer sex with men. Now I'm living with my boyfriend, and life is perfect. I never was into kissing another guy until the first time the guy that had just finished sucking my cock reached up to kiss me with my cum dripping off his lips.

Soo fucking erotic! I'm mostly a married cocksucker that occasionally gets fucked and occasionally fucks other men. But when I watch porn and jack-off the videos of men kissing and tonguing each other really Marry dick sucking com me in the mood to make-out with a man. I guess I want to keep pushing the boundaries. Next step for me would be having his or my girlfriend there watching, telling us what to do to each other for HER excitement and viewing pleasure!

Marry dick sucking com

Helping us, putting his cock in my mouth and stroking his balls while I suck him, pushing on the back of my head, squealing with excitement as she watches, calling us filthy names like faggot, cumsucker, queer, etc!! Her kissing us passionately while we fuck each other in the ass! I've used double list and craigslist - missed connections. I 63 married and enjoy sucking cock. I'm near Mansfield Ohio. Married, 50's, and not into romance with men, and not into random guys,but when I find a reg bud to suck I'm a total cocksucking cumslut when we meet!

Marry dick sucking com

I get told all the time by the guys I suck that they wish their wives were as into sucking cock and swallowing cum as I was. But if they were the guys wouldn't need me to be sucking their cock. As I said,not into guys. It's all about the cock! I do have standards, so I'm not willing to suck just any guy off. Why are you here, if that's how you feel? What are you doing here? You probably have secret desires but you are not brave enough to realize them. Married guy here. Same thing. Not attracted to guys at all. But I do enjoy serving a guy like some girlfriends have done me.

I love the power and control and seeing them totally love it. A married buddy and I were at his house one night while his wife was gone. He started complaining about little sex and no head ever. That it was driving him crazy. I said, me too. I can't say I would do it, but it does sound enticing. I had a guy friend in college who wanted to blow me and my girlfriend always encouraged it.

I was to scared back then to do it But heck, if he asked me now, I may close my eyes and enjoy it My friend said he agreed, he has actually thought the same thing. Finding a guy to service him Help him out I told him I felt sorry for him never getting head. If I find a guy to do it, I will send him your way. He agreed he would like it. I then said, you are a very close friend, I would do about anything for you and I know you would for me I am not gay or anything, but I would help you out if you want.

No one would ever have to know It was amazing how fast he agreed to it once I made it clear I would do it and I wasn't joking. It was more of I care about you as a friend and I will help you I did end up blowing him several times. Very sensual, soft, slow, nice load I don't have emotional feelings for him, but physically I enjoy sucking his cock. I would suck my own if I could. Why not a close friend? I am surprised at how many people assume a guy is gay if he sucks cock. I think it is an accepted definition that a gay guy wants to have a relationship with another guy A guy who simply likes sex with another man but not a relationship is indeed Bi.

Marry dick sucking com

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