Las vegas NV wife swapping

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Las VegasNV Great Experience we were'nt sure what or why we decided to go to the Green Door the reveiws were frighten,Yes there could be a better location but im pretty sure theirs a zoning issue,anyway the frist staff person was the door men very well dress,polite,he ask if it was our frist time we both nodded yes he open the door and directed of towards the cashier, He was also just as nice explaining the prices and just enough information about what to expect,and of course about the of single men. It was the greatest experience for us both.

Great Staff and Bartender, And it was very clean,those people who wrote reveiws must have gone somewhere else. November 13, 4 Green Door. Well I have to say Green Door is an awesome place to visit, my wife and I are new to the swinger scene and I figures what better place to start then Vegas, I went online and researched the swingers clubs in Las vegas and went by all the reviews on the net.

Las vegas NV wife swapping

Well that was my first mistake! I told my wife that Green Door has poor reviews and that that was not the place to go but there is this other place close by called Fantacy's that had Great reviews that we could check out.

So we went there and what a bust. There was only Las vegas NV wife swapping people ther other then the front doorman, we checked out the place and like the look and figured we would hang around for a bit and see if anyone shows up. Nice place but no action at all!!! So we went outside and saw Green Door in the same strip mall anainst everything I read I was reluctant to go there but I figured we are here lets check it out.

She agreed, I sure am glad we visited, we had a GREAT time, we ment all over didnt see really anyone except a bunch of guys, then we went to the couples area and found a very beautiful woman and her husban there they befriended us, they said they were also new there first time but they were much more outgoing then we were we talked to them then she got on the stripper pole and stripped for us and 2 other couples the came in, then she took my wife into a room and gave her a private dance, it was very sexy. Then her husband told her to give me one and she did.

We were there to see how it was and enjoyed ourselves. We then went to a bed like place with the other 3 couples and the started to get it on and told us we could watch them we watched for a few minutes but then got turned on and we d in. Russ M. October 09, 4 Green Door. May 16, 4 Green Door. Thank god we didnt listen to these reviews and went by what a few friends said. We ended up having sex on the circle bed in lounge upstairs. The staff did not allow any with in 5 ft of the bed. And on sat. BUt if your not open to the idea of open sex for everyone to see then you might not want to go.

BUt over all it was a fun place to go. October 02, 4 Green Door. My boyfriend and I just got a membership to the Green Door. On Saturdays there are quite a few single men but in the couple areas it is much more relaxed. The place is relatively clean and the customers and staff are very respectful. If you are a couple and a little shy it is better to attend on wednesday when singles aren't allowed upstairs.

If you like to play this is the place. Tiffiny A. August 30, 4 Green Door. My bf and I went there thinking we would try something different and to check it out.

Las vegas NV wife swapping

I was so sick after walking in there there was a smell weird looking people that looked like they needed to be in jail some where. Would not recommend this place to anyone! Lisa M. October 12, 1 Green Door. I was told this place was an "after-hours bar" when I was visiting Vegas this weekend. Clearly I was tricked because the second I saw a grown man in his late forties, early fifties, standing naked very "excited" waiting to prey on anyone and everyone that walked into the door - I figured I was not in an "after-hours bar".

This place was dark, dirty and old and just had a creepy vibe to it. I left after about 5 minutes when I realized how uncomfortable it was making me feel. I am Las vegas NV wife swapping one to shy away from sex or anything regarding sex - but this place was seriously disturbing. I would not make this a place to visit the next time you are in Vegas unless you are looking to get some type of STD - there are so many better things to do in that town that don't involve creepy people or uncomfortable situations.

Sarah Z. July 07, 1 Green Door. We go to clubs around our area and decided to give The Green Door a try when we went to Vegas. When we got there around 11PM it was dead. There was a few confused couples just like ourselves in the club walking around lost in the VERY dark long hallways trying to find there way around. After talking to a few of the locals in the club we were told that most of the men in the club come daily to try to get laid. When we got done and left in the cab we felt we had to take multiple showers just from how dirty and sleazy the place was.

Someone in Vegas needs to open a real nice one on the strip. Would do amazing business!!! Don't go to this place as we learned. The place should be shut down!!! Kristen C. June 10, 1 Green Door. I frequent the Green Door every week-end. It is the best thing that happened to us. It has spiced up our marriage! I've met great friends! I love GD! Not to mention the biggest!

Nancy S. January 07, 5 Green Door. The Green Door is located near the Strip. It is a small two story facility that caters to "swingers". The club if you want to call it that has a nice set up which includes a pole as if you were in a strip club, a bar, a pool table, a front door greeter, nice big booths for seating which are privately secluded from one another by dangling be. Upstairs, well. Sherena B. August 02, 3 Green Door. July 29, 1 Green Door. You enter a random strip mall, which I think I will call the Green Zone.

First, you pay at a window that looks like something at a rave. Then you go down a hall for your wristband. At which point, I think- time for a beer. Nope, no beer here-bummer. But hey, I did not need any more. Then they send you back out the door and up a dark and narrow staircase. We get to the top to find a dark lounge with couches that have god knows what on them. The sad thing was, that at in the morning, no one was there!

I was all ready to trip on the scene, and of course, all I got was a half-baked story. Perhaps prime time is some other time. Must be after the bars close when people trade their drinks for a little action. Game on!!!! Reviews 3. Recency Popularity. Nov November 13, 4 Green Door Awesome Experience. Oct October 09, 4 Green Door Awesome Time. Was this review helpful to you? May May 16, 4 Green Door great.

October 02, 4 Green Door dont belive the hipe. Aug October 12, 1 Green Door disgusting don't go. Jul July 07, 1 Green Door Absolutely Disgusting. Jun Jan January 07, 5 Green Door Best thing that ever happened to me! August 02, 3 Green Door Adult Playground. Wait, you're the expert. If you've been to or used Green Door, leave a review.

Las vegas NV wife swapping

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Las vegas NV wife swapping

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