Fort worth camera girl

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From the moment that Crystal Merrill arrived for her overnight shift on May 18 at the call and dispatch center in Fort Worth, Texas, the phone would not stop ringing. Police were more than four hours into a manhunt for a suspect in the area and an 8-year-old girl he was accused of kidnapping. The suspect was now on the run with the little girl. As Merrill fielded call after call, tip after tip, she said, her nerves started to get to her.

A few hours later, however, at 2 a. Merrill connected the call to the closest police department in the suburb of Forest Hill. Normally, after connecting the caller with law enforcement, Merrill would hang up, but something made her stay on the line and listen. She said she thought the call sounded like something Fort Worth police should also check out.

Fort worth camera girl

She got the alert out to the Fort Worth police and within minutes, she was tracking officer after officer as they arrived on the scene. Fort Worth Police Sgt. Amelia Heise was the detective on call on that Saturday night when the report came in about being abducted. And it really hits home a little bit more after you become a parent. Earlier that day, at p.

On the footage, police could see the mother falling onto the street as a car drives away.

Fort worth camera girl

When they interviewed the mother, police said, she told them a man had approached her and her daughter twice. The mother said that when the stranger returned, he grabbed her daughter and shoved her into his car. The mother fought back and at one point, police said. The mother was able to give the police a rough description of the suspect, and they had images of his car on the door camera's surveillance footage.

Fort worth camera girl

News of the abduction quickly spread in local media and some members of the community also ed the search. Heise said her department reached out to its federal counterparts at Homeland Security and the FBI, which also showed up to help. As word spread, a tip call came in at around midnight to the police in Forest Hill, a suburb just south of Fort Worth.

Someone reported a man and at a hotel there. Forest Hill police officers responded to Woodspring Suites, an extended-stay hotel about 7 miles from the street where the girl had been taken. They spoke to a man in Room and even went inside, but reported that they had not seen and left.

At around 2 a. This time, though, it went into the Fort Worth call center, and Merrill answered. During that call with her, a good Samaritan reported seeing a car that matched the police description parked at the Woodspring Suites in Forest Hill. As the squad car approaches the hotel, the officer driving cuts the lights out at the last second. His partner is heard asking why. The officers located and checked out the car in question. Officers were able to determine that the motel patron matched the description of their suspect.

Once they had enough information, a group of police officers and task force agents prepared to enter Room The footage shows officers making their way up flights of stairs and getting into position outside of the room. An officer warns the man inside to open the door. Officers break open the door and pull the suspect out of the room. The team rushes in, searching for the little girl.

Cheers and sounds of relief could be heard ringing out among the officers and over their radios as they scooped up the little girl and carried her out of the hotel room. The girl told officers that the suspect had forced her to hide and threatened to kill her family if she made a sound, police said. And in that moment, I just felt a great sense of gratitude to the community, because they did this. They did this.

Fort worth camera girl

It wasn't us. You know, they're the ones that were out there doing it. The man who had made that crucial call was a pastor who knew the family. He was on the scene when the rescue happened and delivered the good news that the girl was alive and safe to her father on the phone. At the end of her shift, Merrill said, she drove home, woke up her two children and hugged them tight. In a different part of town, another mother who had grappled with the intense weight of the situation was also holding her children tight.

I knew [the abducted child] was -- I knew we had her -- but I was still experiencing the fear and the stress The suspectyear-old Michael Webb, was charged with federal kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox picked up the case instead of delegating it to an attorney in her office.

At the end of the trial, it took the jury just 14 minutes to convict Webb on the charges. He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Nealy Cox said the case has had a profound impact on not just her but everyone involved, especially the officers who rescued the girl.

We got her.

Fort worth camera girl

And then there was such a sense of worry and concern for the girl to make sure she was OK. How they dealt with her. How they told her she was safe. How they told her that she wouldn't be put in harm's way again. Now the next step is to make sure the little girl who was terrorized and kidnapped can not only survive, but also thrive as she and her family move forward. I mean, she's incredibly resilient. She's got love of a strong family… [They are] just as brave as she is.

For Heise, this is one of those cases that she said is going to stay with her for the rest of her life.

Fort worth camera girl

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Fort worth camera girl

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